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Ask Max: Can I convert my Power Mac into an Intel Mac Pro?

Asked on 06/11/2009:

Taking the “green” perspective, I’d like to not toss out a large aluminum PC case (my Mac Pro). Yet, is has a slow PowerPC processor. Is there a realistic way to upgrade the processor (and / or motherboard) in a Mac Pro. With the exception of this slow PowerPC processor (and no Intel / BootCamp access to Windows Apps), my Mac Pro is fine. Upgrading hardisks, memory, video is no big deal, but I’ve not seen much information on a more radical CPU upgrade. I’ve done this many times on my old Wintel PC and have managed to keep tech. discard on that Machine to a bare minimum. Any thoughts on my Mac Pro?


There is no way to convert a PowerMac G5 into an Intel-based Mac Pro. Although the cases look similar, the internals are radically different. Fortunately PowerMax has a trade-in program that will let you convert your PowerMac G5 into credit towards a Mac Pro, or other Intel Mac.

Submit a Mac trade-in request and find out how close you are to upgrading to an Intel Mac.

I hope this helps


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