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Ask Max: Can I buy a MacBook from PowerMax first and ship my iBook trade-in for credit later?

Asked on 05/08/2009:

Hi Jacob -

I'm looking to purchase a new or factory refurb (Apple Certified) MacBook between now and spring. With trade-ins, is there any way to purchase first, then ship my iBook for eval/trade-in credit (advance purchase)? I can't stand being w/o my iBook for the time it would take to ship/evaluate. Thanks much for info/reply!


You can absolutely buy your refurbished MacBook first and trade in later, just make sure you tell your sales person about the trade first. That way it can be logged into your account. You will just have to pay the full price for the new system and then the refund will be credited to your card or through another payment option. You are not alone with not wanting to wait, so this is actually a very common way we process trades.

Hope you love your new system,


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