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Ask Max: Can an iBook be hooked up to the Internet?

Asked on 12/18/2008:

My daughter has crashed her iBook and we can’t afford to fix it. We have a 6 year old “Flower Power” Apple computer. It was my other daughter’s in college. I can’t remember if it can be hooked up to the Internet? My daughter with the crashed iBook is taking a college class on line as well as in nursing school. Will the old Flower Power Apple met her needs? Will it cost to update it?

There are 2 phone jacks on the side of the Flower Power. We have wireless at home so I don’t know how to test it for Internet capabilities?


You can absolutely get that G3 iMac online. Once you get the connection taken care of, setup is easy and documented in the users guide. The easiest way to get physically online is via the Ethernet port. That is the larger of the two ™phone jacks™ you saw on the side of the Mac. The smaller one is the modem and the larger one can connect directly to your router via an Ethernet cable.

If you want to go wireless with Apple branded equipment then you need two parts. You need the original G3 Airport Card and a G3 iMac adapter card called an InterPoser.

If you are running Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, you can use a USB Wireless adapter.

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