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Ask Max: Can a Mac mini server also have a user account?

Asked on 09/15/2010:

Hey Jacob,

What a great service to answer Mac questions, thanks!

I'm the defacto IT guy at our small private school and we're thinking about getting a Mac mini server with Snow Leopard to act as our new server and also our school secretary's main computer.

Would it be able to act as both? Would that be wise?

We don't have a lot of money to work with, so we thought it'd be nice to kill two birds with one stone. Her Mac is 7 years old and our server is really old. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Mac mini serverIt is possible to have a user account on the same Mac mini server system that is acting as a server.

This is not a recommended for heavy used servers or when the user is a novice. If the user decides to turn off the computer for the weekend or change network connections, your server will be offline. However, if you do want to dual purpose the system, just make sure that you create a standard user account and not an Administrator account on that system, this will prevent important settings from being changed.


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