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Ask Max: Can a G4 iMac be used wirelessly?

Asked on 07/09/2010:


We have a new MacBook Pro set up with a Time Capsule and an 5 year old iMac G4 and are wondering if the G4 will accept an Airport Extreme card or Airport card. We'd like to use the old IMac wirelessly if possible.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance,

- Garth


Yes, the G4 iMacs can take an Airport card. Depending on the generation you can get an 802.11B card or an 802.11B/G card.

• If you have a 700 MHz or 800MHz processor you need a FastMac APP-0968 Wireless AirPort 802.11b Card.

• If you have a 1GHz to 1.25GHz processor you can get an Apple M8881LL/A AirPort Extreme Card.

It will install under the metal plate on the bottom of the iMac and is easy to do, just make sure to attache the built-in antenna cable after you slide it in the slot.

- Jacob

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