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Ask Max: British iMac, American power

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I emailed you about a month ago with the following question and printed outyour helpful answer for my husband; he has now moved to the US and lost thispiece of paper in transit. Please could you be so kind as to answer it again- sorry to be boring!The question is what cable do we need to buy to be able to use our Britishdesk top apple mac (17 inch screen) in the US? And is there anything elsewe need to know? Thanks Once again!


Every Mac tower, and most all-in-one Macs, will take the same power cord and automatically adjust to the proper voltage. The exceptions are the Dual Core G5 and the G4 iMacs, both use different plugs.This is the cable that works for most Macs: MRP 6ft Black Power Cord. The one thing to check, before you plug in the computer, is if there is a red or black switch on the back of the computer. It will be next to the power plug. If there is a switch it will be labeled as 110 V one direction, and 240 V the other direction (Note: the numbers may differ by up to 20 +/-). The North-American standard is 110 volts. Flip the power supply's switch to 110 V if it is there, otherwise it will make its own voltage adjustments.Don't worry, you are never boring.

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