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Ask Max: BigFoot keeps stomping on Mac

Asked on 10/24/2007:

It was suggested I write you for help before I copy the data from my new iMac that I just got from you guys to the newer iMac that just came to my house. I think I have a wild script editor problem, It seems that every few minutes a progress screen pops up that says searching directory BIGFOOT then it says connecting to It also shows a progress bar and gives an option to stop or stop all. Can you help? I want to copy my data andget this new machine running but I don't want to import a problem. Please let me know if you can help.


BigFoot is not a virus, but the remnants of a pre-Spam era. BigFoot was one of the many companies that tried to assert itself as the White Pages of the internet. They provided a service that would look up publicly listed email addresses for you when you were composing an email. This was a LDAP based service that would watch what you type and see if it had a match in the BigFoot database. Unfortunately, spammers quickly used email list servers like BigFoot as a source for their mass emailings. Soon email listing services were avoided by everyone.Many email programs included support for BigFoot and other LDAP servers like it, and they often can accidentally get activated. If you use Microsoft Entourage then you need to go to the Tools menu and mouse down to Accounts. In the Accounts window click on the Directory Service tab. Look for any reference to BigFoot, or anything else for that matter, and remove it from the list. If you use Apple Mail, then you need to make changes to the Address Book's preferences. From the Address Book menu in the application select Preferences. Then select the LDAP tab and remove the unwanted items from the list.Other email programs you might be using will be set up similarly, and you just need to remove the settings for LDAP or Directory servers.Hope that fixes it for you.

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