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Ask Max: Audio stutters when played on a Super drive

Asked on 10/29/2007:

Jacob, My Super Drive on my G4/933 desktop is acting flaky. It ™flutters™ when playing a recorded disk, The disk sounds fine when played on my ™Boom Box™ but when played on the desk top I get a stutter. I took the same file and uploaded it on a flash drive and it sounds great on the desktop. Do I need a replacement drive? Would you recommend going to a dual layer at this time?


Stuttering audio playback can certainly indicate a failing optical drive. Sometimes you can bypass an intermittent problem through software. In iTunes, you have the option of using error correction when encoding from a CD. In the current version of iTunes, that option is in the preferences under Advanced. Mark the checkbox for ™use error correction when reading Audio CDs™ that you find under the ™Importing™ tab. Now try encoding that audio CD and see if the playback is OK. If everything plays back fine, you could keep that drive going as-is for some time. But if it fails or you want to replace it with a fully functioning drive, then a MCE super drive is the way to go.

MCE drives have all the features of a modern Super Drive, and the compatibility for older versions of the Mac OS.

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