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Ask Max: Are there shorter iMac pedestals available?

Asked on 10/14/2008:

I’m about to venture into Mac territory for the first time. The problem is that my rolltop desk opening is the same height as the iMac 20 that I am about to buy. If the pedestal was just an inch shorter, it would be a perfect fit. Are there shorter pedestals available for these iMacs?


Glad to hear you are joining the Mac community! Unfortunately the current 20" iMac can't have its base removed easily. The process would require the complete dismantling of the iMac, and there would be no way to stand the Mac up once the base was removed. The 24" iMac is able to have its stand removed and it can be mounted to a VESA compliant mount kit.

If the new 24" iMac is short enough without its stand, this may be a good option for you. You could buy a VESA wall mounting plate and attach it to the back of the roll-top desk. The iMac would connect to the plate with the adapter above.

It is not exactly what you hoped for, but perhaps it is just the excuse you need to buy that bigger iMac.

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