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Ask Max: Are the speed benefits of 10.4.11 worth the compatibility issues?

Asked on 01/27/2011:

I recently got gifted !! a Dual G5 1.8 with 2G RAM. It has 10.5.8 on it. Geekbench score of high 1400's to low 1500's. I installed 10.4.11 on an external firewire drive. 10.4.11 gets scores of around 1687.

One of the obvious pluses to 10.5.8 is Time Machine. But, that will not work for me as I don't have any discs big enough to back up to. I end up using rsync to backup stuff like Music to one drive, pictures to another, etc.....

So, my question is this. If I wipe the 10.5.8 I will have no means of going back to it. I like 10.4.11 but it is beginning to seem like more and more software will not work with 10.4.11. Example, Evernote!

What do you think? Get the performance boost that 10.4.11 seems to offer on this machine or stick with 10.5.8 that I do not have an install disc for....


What a nice gift! 10.4.11 has been a really good system, but is beginning to lose some support from newer software. 10.5 shouldn't be much slower, unless there are underlying issues. How much RAM do you have? Do you have one, or two internal drives? What kinds of software do you plan on using with this G5? These are all questions that must be considered when it comes to performance and compatibility.

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