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Ask Max: Are Mac laptops good for video editing?

Asked on 12/03/2008:

I do video editing and graphic design. I have an older G3 right now. I am looking at the new Macbook Pro and I also looked at a G5 or a Mac Pro for home. I need a lot of power. I need to be able to run Final Cut Pro as well as Sony Vegas through Parallels since it is not Mac compatible. I would also like to run the Adobe Creative Suite. I will be heavily utilizing an external hard drive to store projects, but I need a system that will not sacrifice my speed. Do you recommend not editing on a laptop? I have heard most people say that, but I have done it before on a non-Mac and I have seen a professional do some editing on a MacBook. Please advise. I don't necessarily need a new unit. If you have something used that could accommodate my needs I could look at that. Also, if I wanted to start with a used unit to get started and then upgrade in 3 months, what would you suggest?






I asked someone more experienced with Video Production needs to contact you but the basic answer to you question is that yes an Apple laptop
is fine to use for editing video, but having a powerful tower, probably new or used Mac Pro, would be best for importing off of high-end video equipment. You need PCI-e expansion and higher bandwidth, as well as fast scratch drives. If you are just dealing with FireWire sources, then the newest MacBook Pro is perfect for your needs on the editing and importing front.

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