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Ask Max: Are Glossy Screens Frustrating?

Asked on 09/16/2008:

Recent reviews of newest generation Apple iMacs make mention of one of it's "cons": that the screen's glossy appearance (and angle?) is "frustrating"...

What do you make of this assessment? Is the screen angle fixed? And what is frustrating about a glossy screen?


This is personal taste at its purest.

I like a matte screen and my wife loves glossy. We have had many an argument about it when buying a monitor. In the case of the iMac, it is not a big issue, and I have not been disappointed with the glossy iMac. A nice option with the iMac is that you can have both matte and glossy. The iMac supports two screens, one internal (glossy) and one external. If you bought a 20" iMac and a 20" Apple display together, you could use both displays side-by-side. One would be matte and the other one glossy, but it's really mostly a matter of personal taste (and probably just getting used to one or the other as well).

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