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Ask Max: Apple LCD Screen Plastic Foot Broken

Asked on 01/13/2009:

I have the studio screen that came with my G4 cube. I have enjoyed using it as a second screen to my MacBook Pro for big graphic/text projects, to keep track of everything at a glance. In a recent move, the semi-rigid plexiglas stand on the back snapped off. I have been afraid to plug it. Is the stand just a prop or it is part of ™the works.™


You should have no fear about plugging that monitor into Apple computers, except the fear it may fall over. A well-placed, heavy lamp can hold the display upright when the rear foot is missing. This is a common failure of the clear plastic Apple LCD display. That is not to say that it happened all the time, but the displays are so solid everywhere else that the foot became the only weak point in the display. Many displays have suffered the same fate as yours and have gone on with productive lives. Images on the display will still look just as good as they did before, after you get it in the proper position, and stable.

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