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Ask Max: Apple ADC-based Displays and Blue & White G3's

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I own a Blue & White G3 which has been upgraded with a 32MB Radeon video card. Can I use 17" Studio Display LCD (with ADC) with this video card?


The defining question is what kind of connections does your video card have? All G3 B&W computers shipped with only a single VGA video port. VGA is an analog video signal and will not support any of Apple's ADC-based displays. Because you upgraded your video card, there is a good chance you have an additional connection. Many ATI Radeon cards will include not only a VGA connection but also a DVI and S-Video connection. If you do in fact have a DVI video port then you are in luck. With the additional purchase of an Apple DVI to ADC adapter, you will be able to connect the 17" Studio Display to your B&W.

The $99 Apple adapter is a good solution if you already own an ADC 17" Studio Display. It is, however, a large added expense if you are looking to buy both. If you want to buy an LCD for your B&W you would be better off finding a DVI or VGA based unit. For close to the same price you could find an equally good new display and have fewer cables to deal with.

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