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Ask Max: Any way to expand iPod nano storage?

Asked on 11/15/2006:

My husband bought me an iPod nano just before the video capable iPod came out. I would like to listen to books on my nano, but 4G is not enough. Is there anything I can do to enable it to play a book... any peripheral made that expands its capabilities?


There is no way to add storage space to a nano that I know about. Files on an iPod must be in a fixed location to be searched and played, so adding extra storage space outside of the iPod would be difficult.When you say that 4 GB of space is not enough, are you speaking about your need to listen to multiple books between visits to your computer? I own a 2 GB nano, and it holds days of spoken audio. If you are getting Books-On-CD and encoding them in iTunes you may have the wrong bit rate selected for those books. In the preferences select the ™Advanced™ icon and then the ™Importing™ tab. Set the ™Import Using:™ pulldown menu to use the AAC Encoder. Then change the ™Setting:™ pull down menu to ™Custom.™ In the new window, change the Stereo Bit Rate to ™64 kbps™ and the Channels to ™Mono.™ Also check the checkbox for ™Optimize for voice.™ Click the OK button on both open windows and then start importing your books from the CD. That should create a file about a quarter the size they were before.Hope that makes that gift work for you.

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