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Ask Max: Any USB laser printers for OS 9.2.2?

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I`m looking for a USB laser printer my iMac that works with OS 9.2.2 please help me to find one


I hear this question often because many printer companies no longer provide support for Mac OS 9 on new printers. There is, however, a work around. HP and some other network printers support OS 9 computers over the network, although they do not say so. That means you can buy an HP printer with built in networking support and add the printer in OS 9 as a Generic Postscript printer. HP printers with an ™n™ in the model number will be a networked printer. Not all of them support Postscript printing and the ones that do tend to cost more, somewhere in the $300 to $500 range. Two printers that I have heard work well with OS 9 are the LaserJet 1320n and P2015n. Call into our sales line for up-to-date pricing and availability (800.844.3599).

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