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Ask Max: Any plans for a matte iMac screen?

Asked on 10/01/2008:

I have an iMac G5 and would like to upgrade to the new 24™ Intel Mac. However, I absolutely refuse to buy ANY Mac with one of those ridiculous high gloss screens! Any idea if or when Apple will give us the option of a matte screen or at least a way to change the hi-gloss one to a matte one? Most professionals will then seriously begin thinking about a new Mac.


A lot of time has gone by and Apple does not seem to have any intention of dumping the glossy ™iPhone like™ iMac screen. I have heard many complaints about this and I only have two practical solutions. The first would be to buy one of our Pre-Owned Intel iMacs, pre-Aluminum. The other option would be to get a smaller-screened 20 inch iMac and a 23™ Apple Cinema HD Display and run them together. I do this at home and extended desktop works perfectly on iMacs. Make the 23™ display the primary and the iMac with its screen can be the pallet monitor.

Mull it over I think it may be the right solution for you. Remember that you will need an Apple Mini-DVI to DVI adapter cable to connect the two together.

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