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Ask Max: Any modem in the new MacBooks?

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I am going to buy a MacBook. One last thing I am worried about it is that whether I can access the internet without any USB modem. I am little confused whether it has a built-in modem to catch internet signals or not. Can I access the internet without any wire via my wireless router? Thank you


The new MacBooks and MacBook Pros do not offer a built in 56k modem for Dial-up internet connections (Apple USB External Modem). You can use Apple's USB modem with those laptops if you only have a Dial up ISP account. If you have a DSL or Cable Broadband internet connection then you can use the built-in ethernet port or built-in Wi-Fi (AKA AirPort) connections. For a wireless connection you also need a Wi-Fi router to connect to your broadband modem.Another option if you have a dial-up internet connection would be the Airport Extreme Base Station (Airport Extreme Base Station). That has a built-in 56k modem that will connect to your ISP and send that signal wirelessly to your new MacBook.That should get you connected. Good luck

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