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Ask Max: Any ideas on how I can repartition my WD MyBook for my Mac?

Asked on 11/03/2009:

Hello Jacob,

I have a G4/800 256/40/CD-RW/Radon upgraded with OS 10.4.11 Tiger plus 512 MB RAM, and superdrive. I want to hook up a WD My passport Essential 320GB to it to back up my hard drive. It shows up in the utility list but I cannot partition it and get an error message This new WD Ext HD works with my friend's PC and up at the nearby college on their much newer Macs.

Any ideas why I cannot get it to work with my Mac?

Thank you,



You may need to repartition it through the Partition tab in Disk Utility.

To repatriation a drive, select the drive (not the indented Volume) that you want to erase and click on the Partition tab. Change the Volume Scheme popup menu from "Current" to "1 Partition." Click the [Options...] button and set it to use the "Apple Partition Map." Then give it a name and click on the [Apply] button. One more click to say that you understand all data will be lost on that drive and then it should work fine for your Mac computer.

It will not work on PCs after that though, it will be a Mac drive.

- Jacob

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