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Ask Max: Antivirus for Mac

Asked on 09/28/2015:

Would you recommend a good anti virus program for MAC OS? 



Thank you for writing into Ask Max.

The best virus protection for a OS X to keep current with OS X. Apple has built-in virus protection that works for most users, as long as they're not frequenting questionable or dangerous websites (like BitTorrent). If you do use such sites, then you might need some extra virus protection. I'm not able to recommend on over the other, so it would depend on your specific needs. 

Unlike PCs, you don't need to install an anti-virus program under usual circumstances. Apple's got you covered as long as you stay current with the OS X. The current version is 10.10.5, but as of Wednesday, they're rolling out 10.11 El Capitan. I would say it's safe to give it a month or two for them to work out the bugs, but then definitely upgrade (unless you have some software that will conflict with it). 

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