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Ask Max: Adding Books on cassette Tape to iTunes

Asked on 10/26/2007:

I have dozens of books on tape cassettes and would like to get them on my iPod, this is easy to do with my books on CD's any way that it can be done with cassettes. I have a 6 month old iMac. Would really appreciate any help on this


There certainly is a way to import the audio from your tapes onto the Mac. If you have a stereo tape deck you can use a cable like this one to connect its output to your iMac's line-in plug.

Click Here

It is then just a matter of recording the audio coming into your Mac. You can do this with Garageband, but that's sometimes a little more application than you need. There is a free, open-source, program called Audacity that should do the trick.

Just set your audio input source as the Line-In from the Sound section in System Preferences. Then open Audacity, start the tape playing, and hit the record button in Audacity. You will have to manually start and stop the recordings and tape, but that should get the tapes digitized. Then just export them from Audacity into ..aiff files. Drag those files into iTunes and you are done.I hope that works for you.

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