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Ask Max: Adding Airport Capability to a G4 Tower

Asked on 05/26/2006:

Planning to add Airport capability to a G4 tower. Attracted to your "Airplug G Wireless USB Adapter 802.11g 54mbps - Airport card replacement!". Looks like the right way to go with my D-Link DI-624 router. Right?

But had trouble ID-ing the correct driver on the suggested sites. If I were to order it, could you provide a specific URL for downloading that one pertinent file?


The AirPlug is a versatile wireless upgrade. I've always been drawn to the USB wireless network devices because it is easy to move them from computer to computer and they will outlast the life of the computer they are initially attached to. The only problem with them has been that most vendors do not support their product's use on the Mac.

But thanks to the great people over at Ralink Technology, Mac users can use certain USB wireless devices. Ralink makes most of the technology used inside the AirPlug and they try to support every OS they can, unlike the companies they sell to. On the Ralink web site is a huge selection of wireless drivers for many different operating systems.

I do admit that there are almost too many versions of drivers up on the Ralink site. Here are the direct links to the latest files but you should check back to see if there is an update if anything stops working.

For Mac OS X 10.3

For Mac OS X 10.4

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