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Ask Max: 23" HD cinema display (Plastic Case)

Asked on 07/26/2006:

Is there a wall mount available for this display?


Marathon Computer used to make desk-mounting arms for those ADC displays that could also wall mount, but Marathon has gone out of business. Now that the Apple ADC displays are discontinued I have not found any company picking up the torch from Marathon Computer. You could try to find a used Marathon display arm, but I have another idea. If you don't need to move the display around, you can secure it to the wall with an L bracket. The back foot will detach from the display and leave a small metal tongue with three holes in it. Take a trip to the hardware store to get an L bracket that can be modified to connect to the tongue on the back of the display. It may take some time to find the right thing, but a hinge may even work. When you attach the bracket to the wall it needs to be connected to a wall stud in order to hold the weight of the display. After you get the display hanging on the wall you will need to use spacers behind the display to get it at the proper angle. It is some serious work to do, but you will have a truly unique setup at the end of it all.

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