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Ask Max: Unable to print in Snow Leopard

Asked on 02/02/2011:

I reluctantly upgraded from Tiger to Snow Leopard recently and discovered, to my dismay, that my HP 940-C will not print now. I have a Mac Pro which had the original 160 HD with Tiger on it. I installed a 500 GB Western Digital HD drive and cloned the drive as you suggested with Carbon Copy Cloner (thanks by the way!) and installed Snow Leopard on the new drive. After discovering that Snow Leopard didn't have a fix to make my printer work as it should, I went to system prefs and rebooted from my original drive which has Tiger installed and I was able to print as usual. Is there a fix to make Snow Leopard functional with my older printer? I went to Apple website & downloaded what I thought might be a printer driver solution that still doesn't work. If there is a simple solution I would appreciate a tech tip.



I checked through Hewlett Packard's website, and it appears that the driver for that printer has not been updated since march of 2005. Most likely, the correct driver for 10.6 is included in the 10.6 DVD install. I would recommend going to System Preferences, then to Print & Fax, and delete the current printer, and re-add it. When re-adding the printer, check carefully under the driver selection, and see if the 940C driver is listed. if it is, select that driver, or one for "The 940 series", then perform a test print. If this driver is not listed, it's possible that it may be on the DVD for Snow Leopard, under "Optional Installs"(does not require reinstallation).

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