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Ask Max: My refurbished MacBook Pro battery won't old a charge.

Asked on 08/05/2010:

I recently replaced my refurbished MacBook Pro battery and the computer shuts down about one minute after unplugging it from the power supply. Pressing the battery check button on back of laptop indicates full charge with all green led lights lit.

Plugging in the power supply and pushing the on button reboots the computer with chime sounding and the web paige I was on reappears and all is good.

What to do?

- Gary


Macbook Pro BatteryIt sounds as if your battery is not working properly. Either is is not truly being charged fully and it is misreporting that info, or it is discharging fully in seconds not hours. Is the battery an Apple branded battery or can you contact the manufacturer to see about getting a replacement unit?

I do not think it is a problem with your refurbished MacBook Pro. I would suspect a error in the battery itself.

Hope this helps


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