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Ask Max: Should I use one larger display or 2 separate displays?

Asked on 03/30/2010:


I'm getting ready to upgrade my Pro Tools studio. I will probably buy one of your used G5 models - looking at 2.3 to 2.7 dual or quad - and I'm wondering about monitors.

I presently have two p810 Viewsonics but want to change those . I do audio post work and am wondering if a larger, like 32", TV/monitor would work for my 2 Pro Tools windows and video playback - or do you think I should use separate displays? Could one of those be an LCD/HDTV? Lastly, is there a card that will allow 3 displays?

- Michael


Apple 24" LED DisplayA LCD TV could work as a digital display, but I would make it only one, of at least two displays. A 1080p TV will display a resolution of 1920 1080. Where an Apple 24" LED displays 1920 x 1200. The difference is that the 24" display basically displays the same info in 24 inches that the HDTV will display in 32 inches.

The TV will have to be set further back for you so that the image the image does not look pixelated. That may work in your studio, but having a high-density display close to you can be better for long term detail work.

This Acer 24" display could be an interesting mix of a TV and display for you. It has a HDMI and DVI input, to support a video device and computer.

There is not any 3 display video cards for a G5, but you can get a PCI video card to support another display, after you fill up the first two ports that you get with the Apple supplied card.

- Jacob

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