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Ask Max: Red tint on an Apple display; imminent death or loose cord?

Asked on 11/06/2008:

I have an Apple Cinema Display 22 inch. It has been sitting on my desk since I bought it in 2000. I just recently moved it for the first time to another friends house to have the G4 up graded to 10.4. It was working great at my friends home. When I got the G4 and Display back to my home and hook it up, the screen has a red tint. Everything works on the screen except the red hue or tint.


A red tint to a LCD panel can be an indication of imminent death - of the display that is. It can also be a failing cable, so it is a good idea to do a visual inspection. Make sure the mac computer display cable's connector pins where the plug meets the computer. Make sure that no pins have been bent over or broken off. You will need good light for this. Then look at your monitor cable, noting any nicks or kinks.

After the visual inspection, reconnect the cable and power up your computer. If it is still rose-coloring your image, start moving your display cable to different positions, watching for a change in appearance.

If all that fails, it could be time to let the display rest in peace and replace it with a new Apple 23 Cinema Display.

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