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Ask Max: How do I make Itunes recognize my Audiobooks?

Asked on 05/16/2007:

How do I make audiobook files appear as "audiobooks" in my iTunes library that I did not purchase from the iTunes store? When these are put onto my iPod they are there like regular songs and not in the Audiobooks folder. It gets old having to skip them when my iPod is set to "shuffle songs"!


Audiobook files are slightly different than music files, that is part of the reason that self-added files are not showing up as Audiobooks. Music files, when they are encoded in the AAC file format, have ".m4a" file extensions and Audiobook should have ".m4b" file extensions. Just changing the extension is not enough. Luckily for you, some nice guy named Doug Adams has written a script that will convert your AAC music files to audiobook files. It is called Make Bookmarkable and is a free download. Your files will have to be in the AAC file format for this script to work. To change your files to AAC from another format you have to change your default encoder to AAC. In iTunes' Preferences, click on the Advanced icon and then select the Importing tab. Change the "Import Using:" pulldown menu to the AAC Encoder and click on the OK button. Now select the audio files in your library that you want to convert and go to the Advanced menu. Select "Convert Selection to AAC" and those files will be converted to AAC music files. Now run the Make Bookmarkable script that you installed. If all goes well you should now have Audiobook files.