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Ask Max: Will a G5's USB card work with a new(ish) Mac Pro?

Asked on 06/16/2010:

Jacob I have an old G5 with dead processors and which is basically just a parts machine. Will the USB card (5 plugs) from this old G5 fit and work in the Mac Pro I recently bought from you guys?


- Gary


Most likely it will not fit. Many of the G5 PowerMac systems had PCI or PCI-X slots and your Mac Pro will have PCI Express slots. Some of the very last generation of G5 used PCI Express, so if you had that model it may work. The PCI expansion cards are keyed so they will only fit in compatible slots, so you can check to see if it fits. Just be carful to not force the card in if it does not fit exactly.

Hope that helps


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