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Asked on 05/06/2010:

Dear Jacob,

I've seen much on the web that complains about setting up an Apple Time Capsule. What is your opinion? Does it deliver? Is it a good option for getting my wife (who deals with plenty of large image files) backed up and connected to extra disc space?


Is setting up an Apple Time Capsule for large file storage a good idea?I think the Apple Time Capsule is a good solution for people who are using laptops and stay wireless 80% of the time.

The largest issue with backing up is remembering to do so. Time Machine makes backup easy and automatic. However, a small subset of people who never leave a computer at the desk long enough to backup to a USB drive were not being protected by Time Machine. Those people need the Time Capsule so that they too can take advantage of Time Machine's automatic backup.

If you have a desktop, or leave your laptop connected to external devices on a desk for a few hours a day, you would be best served by using a directly connected external USB hard drive for your backups. The Airport Extreme base station will allow you to connect an external USB drive for network file storage. That drive will be accessible from the network or you can always connect it directly to a Mac and retrieve the data if one day your Airport fails. If the drive in your Apple Time Capsule fails it's harder to get access to.

Hope that helps you make a decision,

- Jacob

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