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Ask Max: My G5 Power Mac is having trouble detecting a display through my KVM box

Asked on 11/04/2009:

Hi Jacob,

The Quad Core G5 that I purchased from PowerMax is a gem - only problem is that I cannot connect it to a 28™ I-INC HDMI digital display to share with my Mac mini.

The Mac Mini with its built-in GFA graphics connects fine through the USB DVI KVM box. It seems that the GEForce 6600 card in my Quad Core seems to be having problems detecting the display through the KVM box. Works just fine via direct connect - bypassing the KVM box. The Box did work OK with my old G4 with a ATI Radeon 9800 Mac Edition via DVI.

I suspect that the KVM box (LINKSKEY 212ASK) is the culprit. I found a refurb. ATI XT1900 cards for Mac on ebay as an alternative graphics card which I am hoping will work with my present KVM box. I use the Mac mini to run wintel apps, but I have a ton of PPC and Classic apps (Including PPC Photoshop). The G5/MAC MINI combo is an ideal solution for my needs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

- John


I do not have personal experience with that brand of KVM but I know some KVMs will have problems passing along settings data to a Mac. When you power on the G5 Power Mac, you have the KVM switched to its port right? In many cases that is essential for the video card to find the proper resolution.

Aside from that, it should work. Please let me know if the other video card makes a difference.

- Jacob

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