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Articles: What's Next, Black Christmas?

My daughter recently quit her job at the retailer Old Navy, mostly because the company is keeping its stores open on Thanksgiving. I supported her in that decision. I mean, my God, what's next, being open on Christmas so retailers can be the first ones with a post-Christmas sale?That concept might not be so ludicrous when you think about how not long ago the idea of being open on Thanksgiving was practically inconceivable.

Sorry We're Closed

We're already being hawked "pre-Black Friday" sales several weeks before Black Friday, and now retailers are jostling for position to open earlier and earlier on Black Friday as well, which now, for many of them, has drifted to the only place earlier than 12:01 AM on Friday you can go: actually being open on Thanksgiving.

So not only do all those store employees have to miss their own family Thanksgiving celebrations, apparently there are enough of you who will actually go out shopping on Thanksgiving instead of spending one lousy day with your families to simply be together and be thankful for what we all already have.

Personally, I'm getting so disgusted by this mad grab for dollars during a season that's supposed to be about family, religious values and thankfulness that I'm making my own list and checking it twice. And that list is of the retailers who have absolutely no concern as to the well-being and happiness of their employees by forcing them to work on a day when they should be with their families. And that list will mean I will simply not shop there again. If enough people do that, maybe we can recapture the true holiday spirit in this country again.

If you agree with the above sentiments, feel free to note below any retailers you know of that are going to be open on Thanksgiving. A good old fashioned boycott should send a message to them if enough people join in.

Oh, and by the way, PowerMax won't be open on Thanksgiving, and we'll be closed Dec. 23rd as well so our employees can spend a good long weekend winding down and enjoying their families.
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