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Articles: What PowerMax is all about!

The Mac is enjoying a resurgence, part of which can be credited to the iPod, part of which can be credited to the successful transition to Intel processors (which levels the playing field against PCs and allows Macs to run Windows), and part of it can be credited to great quality and design of hardware combined with the best personal computer operating system on the planet.

We've always had the latter, but now more people than ever are aware of this fact, and with competitive prices, Apple is making headway against the virtually institutionalized use of the Windows-based PC.

During the same time as this resurgence, another development has taken place via the internet. Consumers are finding it easier, more comfortable, and faster than ever to make purchases online. At the same time, retail traffic is booming, so the early dire predictions that the web would take over all retail isn't proving to be true.

What that tells me is that consumers are using their savvy to buy on the web when it's appropriate, and buy from local retail when that experience is more important to them. What's clear is that with the extensive competition, one can't survive as a reseller without offering a unique proposition (even if it's just to be huge like Amazon or eBay).

So where does PowerMax fit in?

PowerMax is part Apple reseller, and part value-added retailer. With the internet, most companies survive by having a robust website with very little customer service behind it. Our niche is to provide a good website but continue to offer personalized service no matter how an order is made. All internet orders are handled by a real, live consultant, who will respond to your order after having reviewed it. Every order is entered into a database our phone folks have access to, so you can place an order and then call and talk to a consultant about that very order, and ask any questions you like. Our consultants are trained Apple Product Professionals, a designation earned every year through study and testing.

While computers have become rather commonplace, time has not made them simpler or easier to use. There are more questions than ever. The internet has created an environment where consumers are increasingly on their own; to do their own research and hopefully gain a level of understanding that allows them to proceed without a lot of help. That might work for certain product lines, but the computer, even the Mac, is far from simple. We believe consumers still need and appreciate the expert assistance PowerMax provides (and we're constantly rewarded with notes and letters, along with the personal attention of a consultant who is interested in all the things you want to do with your new Mac (or even iPod).

Unique programs like our Mac Trade In program and refurbished computers - such as refurbished Macbooks and refurbished Mac Pros make it easier than ever to upgrade your Mac, and has also resulted in our being the web's largest reseller of pre-owned Macs. Along with our Apple Certified Refurbished offerings and as one of Apple's largest Specialists of new product, we offer a selection unmatched anywhere. But always with the personal attention and consultation you need and deserve.

With Apple stores and Apple online we face a competitor who is our own supplier. But manufacturers selling their own products have a certain bias and worldview that is different from a reseller. We're not afraid to tell you that a certain Apple product is not quite as spiffy as advertised, and we can provide a bridge between third party products a manufacturer doesn't always understand. With PowerMax, you're not just a number or an occasional customer that has no value beyond your credit card... we know your history, we keep you with a specific consultant as long as you want (and with our low turnover in sales, you're very likely to be able to speak to the same person you bought your Mac from several years ago), and we know our stuff.

Just like meeting anyone for the first time, first impressions are often made based on initial looks. So while we work hard to make our website as useful as possible, the real value of PowerMax is much more than skin deep. Consider our site as the front door into a company made up of happy, knowledgeable and caring people, anxious and ready to help you with your entire Apple experience.

That's the PowerMax difference.
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