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Articles: Upgrading Technology Has Never Been So Easy

So you want the latest Apple gadget, but aren’t sure you want to spend the money to upgrade? Well, PowerMax has been solving that problem for longer than many retailers have been in business. Indeed, the PowerMax Trade in Program is one of the signatures that made PowerMax what it is today.

The advantages of using our trade-in program are many. You can certainly sell your old equipment to someone for cash, but there are risks and hazards to doing that. And frankly, because we take them in, refurbish them, and provide a much-desired warranty on them, we’re often able to give you as much or more than you might sell them for anyway. And you might be surprised at how old some of the Macs are that we still take in trade.

We take in Macintosh computers, iPods, iPads and iPhones, and the cash from your trade can directly apply to your new technology.

To find out what your item is worth, simply fill out a form with the basic information we need, and then a Mac expert will calculate and review and send you a personal email with the trade-in value.

Reusing technology is part of our sustainable efforts. By refurbishing older products and keeping them in circulation, we keep technology waste to a minimum. The program is absolutely hassle and risk-free.

If you have additional questions you can learn more about the program at Or just give us a call… we still love engaging in person-to-person contact to answer any question you have!

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