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Articles: Turn Off "Find My iPhone"


Find My iPhone in iOS 7 and later gives customers tools to make their iOS devices more secure and less attractive to potential thieves. It is important to note that the Find My iPhone features in iOS 7 impact the service process. It is critical to review the service details and frequently asked questions in this procedure concerning the Find My iPhone features in iOS 7 prior to servicing products with iOS 7 or later.

You must Turn off “Find My iPhone” on devices with iOS 7 or later before sending it in

A. Before accepting any device with iOS 7 or later for repair, customers must disable Find My iPhone.

B. Customers can disable Find My iPhone in any of the following ways. The owner’s Apple ID password will be required in each case.

  1. Turn off Find My iPhone: Go to Settings > iCloud and turn off Find My iPhone.

  2. Sign out of iCloud: Go to Settings > iCloud and tap Delete Account.

  3. Erase All Content and Settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

  4. Remove the device from account at iCloud.comSign in to with their Apple ID.

  • Select the device that needs to be removed from the account.

  • If the device is offline, click Remove from Account.

  • If the device is online, click Erase. When the erase is complete, click Remove from Account.

C. If the customer cannot remember their Apple ID password?Go to the My Apple ID website ( where you can reset your password. If you cannot successfully reset their password yourself, please follow  the escalation process.

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