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Articles: The Snow Leopard Arrives August 28th

Way back at the WWDC conference in June, Apple let the world know that its next upgrade to OS X, dubbed Snow Leopard, could be expected around September. But after what feels like an eternity of guesses and anticipation (imagine that!) the black turtlenecks have given us all a little gift and and actually shipped early (imagine that too!).

[caption id="attachment_637" align="alignright" width="197" caption="Look out killer!"]Look out killer![/caption]

It's hard to know exactly what drove Cupertino to push the release up (back-to-school? pre-empting Windows 7? They just plain got it done faster than they planned?), but this next release will tweak and refine the operating system we all know and love. It's not so much a replacement for Leopard, but more of an "under the hood" performance and future-looking update. As many now know, this is an Intel-only release: Power PC users will have to make due with their old OS. Even with the Intel-only requirement, some very well-paid guy named Piper Jaffary thinks Apple will move something like 5 million copies of Snow Leopard this quarter, or something in the neighborhood of $110 million dollars in gross revenue.

The enhancements in OS 10.6 are centered around efficiency and extended Microsoft Exchange support, which some speculate are geared toward further enterprise market penetration. You'll also get something in the way of 7GB of disk space back with the install, which is almost unheard of when adding software to a computer!

As discussed at WWDC, the Finder has been completely rewritten - although users will see no difference in the front-end - and will take better advantage of the underlying technologies in OS 10.6. Ultimately, using Snow Leopard doesn't feel much different than Leopard, but as the tweaks and fixes and updates pile up, the OS continues its march ahead of any competition.

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Freeway Pro Snow Leopard Bundle for $229.00"]Freeway Pro Snow Leopard Bundle for $229.00[/caption]
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