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Articles: The single best part of trading in your Mac is ...

We receive a lot of email from our customers. You folks seem to really enjoy letting us know what we're doing right, doing wrong, and everything in between. One of our great customers, Michael, decided to give us a real-world example of why he likes using our trade in service. We thought it was a rather useful tidbit, and have published it here with his permission.

The best aspect of trading in a Mac overall ...

Migrating Macs, err, fish.... is the data migration. As it did the last time I did a trade with PowerMax 2 or 3 years ago, MIGRATION ASSISTANT worked flawlessly. And, all things considered, worked quickly - over a simple Ethernet cable. It's nothing short of miraculous that Apple has been able to get this feature down to zero bugs in the real world. Really remarkable. The only "manual" task was to get the laptop to recognize my wireless network and to re-synch my two Bluetooth devices ... also a flawless procedure.

If Apple did not have this down flat, I know for a fact that I not only would not trade in frequently, but I would wait 2 to 4 times longer before I would consider trading up. It's just too painful to migrate a Windows box. If people speak of Apple laptops costing twice as much as an equivalent Windows laptop- well, how much is not having to commit to 40 hours of manual migration work worth to a 2 hour a day commuter with a busy tech career? I know my answer to that question.

Transferring data on a WINDOWS box is a horrific nightmare, and is 100% a manual task, with multiple 'box' dependent ambiguities as well (one is guaranteed 40 hours+ of full title head to the glass work before the task will be complete). And God help one if one has misplaced a CD-ROM for any one of most of the programs that one will become compelled to reinstall from scratch. Every time I update a Mac I have to broadly smile - knowing the multiple days of wholly unpaid, ritual pain I am missing. Total time to switch over from one Mac to another, including the time spent erasing and re-installing the OS on my trade in unit: 4.75 hours tops. As opposed to 4.75 days in the Windows world. I launch-tested every program that I migrated last night. (I do run a lot of apps.) All opened on the new machine, first try, no issues. Wow.

- Michael

We took this great feedback to heart and added a handy Migration Assistant How To on our Mac trade in page. Now you've got all the information you need to make upgrading to the latest, greatest Mac simple, quick, and easy. And don't forget about our new iPad and iPhone trade-in programs too!
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