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Articles: The New Dual-Core Power Mac G5 Unveiled!

Once again, Apple has thrown out some shiny new hardware for us to slobber on, so we thought we'd give you a peek at the very latest from Cupertino.

The Power Mac G5 gets a big technology bump this time around, with new dual-core processors, a brand-new PCI Express architecture and some other very cool stuff that gets us geeks all misty-eyed. Let's start with a view inside the case...

As you can see, the interior is similar to past G5 systems, but the processors are now enclosed in a truly massive cooling system! While the G5 has been out for some time now, we still get a kick out of the slick layout of this beast. It's like popping the hood on a Ferrari!

The package now includes the Mighty Mouse! And oh-my! A piece of styrofoam! But that's not all that has changed...

The new Power Mac G5 has a rather unusual power cable connector on the back. Be aware! Your old power cable will not work here. But here's some of the BIG news...

One of the key benefits of the new Power Mac G5 is the PCI Express architecture. With dedicated bandwidth to and from the system controller, PCI Express allows extremely high-speed access to PCI cards and other hardware supporting this technology. Basically what this means to you is this system is smokin'!

Holy cow! With two independent Gigabit Ethernet connections and link aggregation ability, available networking bandwidth is through the roof! Perfect for anyone considering an Xsan setup who wants maximum performance for network storage.

Now the built-in AirPort Extreme antenna does double-duty as the Bluetooth antenna. Pretty cool, and very Apple.


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