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Articles: The iPad Explosion-Why It happened

It’s not hard to imagine replacing the handheld tablet on which Captain Kirk affixed his signature (usually while smirking at the short-skirted yeoman who’d handed it to him) with an iPad. Back in the ‘60’s, a computer tablet was only a futuristic dream. Today, the iPad is doing things that even Captain Kirk might not have imagined.

In addition to gaming, reading & writing, schoolwork, internet browsing, and social networking, the number of uses and applications is pretty nearly defying the imagination. It’s now even hard to remember that when it was first introduced, many people didn’t “get it” as Steve Jobs had. According to Walter Isaacson’s biography, Steve was actually somewhat depressed when he read about the many confused or negative reactions after its introduction.

But as so often happened with him, he saw things mere mortals couldn’t. It wasn’t long before the iPad became the most successful electronics product introduction of all time.

We have seen interesting workplace uses from companies like Lowes and British Airlines, who have integrated the iPad into their processes. Burberry recently integrated the iPad within their sales staff, so they can interact more effectively with their customers. By showing them available stock and live imagery for worldwide Burberry products on their iPads, they save much needed onsite inventory space.

Nordstroms is using the iPad to assist with their shopping experience as well, restaurants are now using it to provide colorful and interactive menus, and real estate agents can show off houses without the clunkiness of a laptop. It is being used in a multitude of medical applications, and has been a boon to many disabled and aged. There is even an app to keep cats entertained.

Small business can use the iPad to take quotes onsite, as well as banking, scheduling and invoicing. The iPad is a delight to travel with, so it makes an ideal medium for anyone on the road, such as outside sales people. Plus, it can be backed up on the iCloud just in case something happens to the device.

The mobility of the iPad with 4G makes it a better option than a laptop that relies on external internet connectivity to function online. The calendar function can replace your day planner, and the reading function will be able to replace your Kindle or other electronic reading device (not to mention books, including school books. The iPad may end up being more responsible for eliminating high school and college back pain from overloaded backpacks than aspirin). The backlighting of the iPad is not only easy on the eyes for extended reading, it also eliminates the need for a book light if you’re reading in the dark, which is a nice convenience for those who like to end the day in bed with a good book.

The ease of use in the iPad is probably the most productive function of all. You won’t lose any time learning this intuitive device. People have marveled at the magic of handing someone an iPad who never had even touched a computer, and watching them figure out how to use it within seconds.

The New iPad runs from$499 (wifi only) to $829 for the top-of–the-line 64GB iPad. The least expensive iPad 2 now starts at $399. Cases and skins for the iPad are available in an almost infinite variety of styles and colors, so you can customize the outside of it to your heart’s content to feel truly one with your device.

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