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Articles: The insides of the Intel Core Duo iMac!

Twice as fast as the old iMac? Intel chips inside? With this kind of hype buzzing around, we had to take a look inside one to see what all the fuss is about. As usual, the inner workings of the iMac are as unique as the external case. Let's take a look...

Heres the back side...

Like most things Apple, there is a marked disparity between the external simplicity and internal complexity of the iMac. Who would guess there's a number-crunching Intel beast living inside this humble design?

Well start by taking some trim off...

The take-apart remains fairly simple for the iMac. No iMacs were harmed in this production.
The logic board is looking quite organized these days...

The iMac logic board uses space efficiently -- it has to! Here you can see the secondary board on which the processor and cooling system are attached.

Underneath the fancy H.R. Gigeresque cooling apparatus lurks a processing beast

Straight out of a sci-fi novel, the scream'n Intel Core Duo is chilling out underneath a sophisticated cooling system. What's underneath that chunk of metal?

No Intel logo, but the writings on the chip!

Well here's what all the fuss is about. The Intel Core Duo processor. Does this look sorta familiar? That's right, it's a ZIF socket just like the original tray-loaders back in the day! Could it be? A return to processor upgradable iMacs? Let's dig a little deeper.

And looky here! We can take it off.

The chip comes out of the socket easily enough. Make way for the third-party upgraders! We'll be back with more information and photos of this exciting piece of hardware soon!

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