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Articles: The Ease of Apple's Photos App

Photos App IconI was livid.

I mean, on a rampage, livid.

There I was, going along with my weekend day, when I saw there was an update for Yosemite to 10.10.3. Since I’m a good little Apple consumer, I always update my OS as soon as available, so I can benefit from the latest technology, virus protection, and bug fixes. Little did I know that Yosemite 10.10.3 would annihilate MyPhotos and give me the all-new Photos.

I spent the next four hours breathing fire and reorganizing a decade of photos on an external HD. I had organized them just the way I liked them: by month of the year or by event.

Events are now gone. Now they’re organized by Moments and Years.

Livid, I tell you. Change normally doesn’t bother me. I have a tendency to embrace most change, but this! My photos! TEN YEARS OF MY PHOTOS! My memories! My life! All suddenly thrown into chaos!

However, after the blood drained from my cheeks back into my heart, I realized there were other really cool things about the new Photos. For starters, Photos understands HDR and will apply labels to each HDR version.


As I previously mentioned, they are organized by moments or years, but they are also Geotagged by location, so you can sort them that way if you’d like. You can create your own private albums, including Smart Albums based on criteria like which camera you used or the location the picture was taken.

Photos has a streamlined interface with four categories across the top of the Photos window: Photos, Shared, Albums, and Projects. It’s so simple! Just press the plus sign on the Album toolbar to create a new customized album of your very own. There are so many more ways to organize, so explore!


Although I’ve used Photoshop for the past fifteen years for things like photo editing, it’s really far too powerful a program to open each time you want to just crop a photo. Apple’s Photos has basically combined iPhoto with Apple’s higher-end Aperture program, both now discontinued. The all new Photos has powerful editing tools built right in. No need to spend hundreds on a photo editor to crop or rotate your pictures. You can also correct color and alter the look of your images using Enhance, Adjust, Retouch, Red-eye, and fun Filters. All this starts by first choosing the Photos tab, then Edit on the top right of the window.

Photos Projects


This amazing Photos app automatically syncs to your iCloud photo stream, which helps you ensure your memories and special moments aren’t lost forever. Be warned, the first set up and sync might take some time if you have a lot of photos, and you might need to buy extra space. Although a generous 5GB of space is included with iCloud for free, if you have a decade of pictures like I do, you’ll either have to upgrade to the 200GB choice for $3.99/mo or 500GB for $9.99/mo.

You also have the choice to disable automatic backup from your computer if you don’t care to use iCloud as a backup. Please, back up somewhere. I can’t say enough great things about Time Machine, built into OS X. More on the incredible Time Machine in the future.


The innovative Share Sheet system empowers you to share your photos with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more. It’s never been easier to share your life in pictures with friends, family, and the world! Just choose the Share icon (it's the little box with the up-arrow on the right side of the Photos window), and share your joy.

Additionally, you can share photos directly (and more privately) with friends and family using the iCloud Shared Stream. Here you can also see which photos have been shared with you. All this is available under the “Shared” tab at the top of the display window.


Create beautiful calendars, cards, and photo books with Photo. Each choice has several themes to make a beautiful layout with ease. Photos streamlined, minimalist layout puts all choices at your fingertips with just a click or two, and it all starts with that little plus sign on the right side of the toolbar.

If you like to do things the old-fashioned way like my mom, you can also order prints right from within the app and have them sent directly to you. There are few things more convenient than that.



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