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Articles: Snow Leopard Heresy

As I write this, the internet airwaves are awash in reports and reviews of Snow Leopard, Apple's latest operating system. My contribution to the broohaha is designed to represent the majority of computer users who for the most part don't, or shouldn’t, give a rat's patootie.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Superfluous Leopard? "]The Superfluous Leopard? [/caption]

Hey, what? We're Apple resellers... we’re supposed to be all giddy about the latest and greatest offering! What’s wrong with us? But there is a truth out there that almost no one is willing to talk about (which is the kind of stuff I like to talk about), and that's that this upgrade is virtually meaningless for that large mass of Mac users who don't make their living in technology, or can hardly tell you what OS they're using at the moment, or even exactly what kind of Mac they have.

As a technology company, Apple obviously has to drive toward new technology in order to keep its products fresh, interesting and competitive, and of course to continue to generate revenue. Someone using a G3, G4 or G5 Mac who is perfectly content with their system doesn't make Apple any new money. So the pressure is on... upgrade or be left behind!

This doesn't mean that I think Apple shouldn't be doing exactly what it's doing. Snow Leopard was a very smart upgrade... I was delighted when I heard what their plans were over a year ago. Stop the feature wars, let's go back and really tighten up the code, make it smaller and faster and just plain better... behind the scenes. They've accomplished this in spades with this upgrade, and all the technology geeks and fans with Intel-based Macs should upgrade as soon as they know all their key software works properly. You can find a number of Snow Leopard compatibility lists.

But I think that legion of Mac users who are tootling along just fine with their current used Macs sans problems will be better off waiting a bit. Let the upgrades happen, the software incompatibilities flesh out and the bugs be found. The same with companies with installations of multiple Macs on their networks. The faces of most competent IT managers blanch the minute they hear about someone upgrading to a new OS, and these are largely the same people who have had a copy of Snow Leopard installed on their home machines the minute a developer copy leaves the Apple campus. But playing around with technology is one thing, making sure everything works on a network is another.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a motto that is very, very appropriate to personal computers.

All I’m trying to say is that if you’re reasonably happy with the performance of your Mac and you’re not a techno-geek, don’t worry about upgrading right this moment. If you have a G5 Mac and it’s doing everything you need it to do, the fact that the Leopard OS is the the end of the line shouldn’t make you lose one wink of sleep. When you’re ready to upgrade... When you feel like the computer is lagging, or there is some software you really want to use but can’t, then a new Intel Mac with the latest/greatest software will be just the ticket. At that point, Snow Leopard is simply the best PC operating system you can own. But, so is a Mercedes or Bugatti or whatever (I’m not a car guy), but that five-year-old Toyota that’s running fine didn’t suddenly become obsolete because a fancy new 2010 Ferrari was introduced.

Personally, if I really wanted to increase my performance on my Mac, I’d get a bigger display. There is no single piece of hardware or software that increases my productivity more than seeing more information on my screen at a time. I’m not speaking for everyone, I’m just sayin’... At any rate, if you happen to need/want the latest OS from Apple we've naturally got Snow Leopard for sale. We've also got a great promo going with the fine folks at Softpress - buy Freeway Express or Pro and get Snow Leopard for free.

Of course, if you're hankering for Snow Leopard and still running a beloved G3, G4 or G5, our Mac trade in makes it crazy easy to upgrade and get that new Mac with the latest Apple has to offer.

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