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Articles: Quick Tips for QuickTime

QuickTime IconOver the past twenty years, I’ve had a real love-hate relationship with QuickTime. Mostly hate, but that was until I realized how totally awesome QuickTime has become! Now I’m in love!

Back in the early 2000s when I was making documentaries and editing/exporting video, just when YouTube was starting to emerge, QuickTime was the bane of my existence. I was admittedly still among the unenlightened and using a PC, so that was part of my problem. Dealing with .mov files (and especially converting to/from .avi) was the frustration that robbed hours from my workday. I pushed QuickTime far away whenever possible.

Now, over a decade later, QuickTime ROCKS! I’m amazed at all it can do, and it comes FREE with every Mac! It is of course still a video player with options to adjust the speed of the playback, scrub video or navigate frame-by-frame, play video backwards, and even float the video over your other windows so it stays on top; but it can also do so much more...

Here are some of the goodies you get with QuickTime X:


QuickTime New File

Screen Capture

I discovered this as I searched the web for a way to do a screen capture video for my upcoming tutorial series on making your own podcast and your first iPhone app. I wanted to record movements within the app itself as I’ve seen done elsewhere, making a screencast. Turns out, QuickTime does this! For FREE!

Choose to record the entire screen or just a portion of it. Then, click “Start Recording” in the middle of the screen. When you’ve finished, click on the black square (stop recording icon) on the Status Menu in the top right of your Menu Bar near the day and time. It’s that simple!

Throughout my series on Making Your Own Podcast, you will see the magic of QuickTime’s Screen Capture at work as I take you through GarageBand step-by-step.

QuickTime Section Screen Capture


Record Video

Additionally, QuickTime will use the built-in iSight camera to record video for vlogging (video blogging), online tutorials, for import into iMovie or another video editing application, or whatever else you’d like to do.

Open a recording window by File > New Movie Recording, then press the red circle to start recording. It will record directly from your iSight camera and/or built in microphone on your iMac or MacBook. Click on that little down-facing arrow next to the record button for choices.

Once you have your movie, you can easily remove audio from a video clip, in case you want to put music or another audio file behind it. Another way to do this is to export the audio from a video clip.


Quicktime Record

Record Audio

Similar to the Record Video section, you can record audio by choosing File > New Audio Recording. It uses your Mac’s built-in microphone, but you can also use an external USB mic. Just be sure to choose the appropriate option by clicking on that little downward-facing arrow next to the red record button.

QuickTime Combine Clip

Edit Content

All this comes with basic editing tools, like splitting and trimming, but it also allows you to combine two clips together. First open a file in QuickTime, then drag-and-drop another .mov file on top of that. The second will appear at the end of the first (as shown left). Rearrange the order, trim, split, loop, and more from there. Just double-click the clip to open the Trim interface, which looks like this:

QuickTime Trim Interface

This works with both video and audio files separately or together. Drag-and-drop audio over a video to add a different soundtrack, for example.


Share Your Creation

There are multiple options to export your video or share it across your networks, like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Message, or Email.

Create something. Show the world. And all this Apple goodness is yours for free on every Apple Computer.

PowerMax is here to help your voice get heard and your vision seen.

QuickTime Share


ChristineChristine is a Technical Support Specialist and Content Writer for PowerMax. Follow her articles as she takes you “Behind the Sasquatch: A Look Inside PowerMax,” an inside look at the day-to-day operations from the perspective of a Woman in Tech. She’ll also post great Tech Tips, helping you get the most of your Mac apps as well as write about some common technical issues and how to fix them. Finally, Christine will periodically post some Tutorials that teach readers how to do things like make podcasts and iPhone apps. Find what you’re looking for in the categories on the right. 

If you have a tech question or issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Christine for help.

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