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Articles: Putting All My Eggs in the Apple Basket

Eggs in a Basket

It’s decided. Once and for all. I’m putting all my eggs in the Apple basket.


About a year ago, tired of struggling as an independent author and adjunct English professor, I realized it was time for a midlife career change. My step-father reinvented himself at 45, going back to school for a master’s and PhD in Accounting, and he soon was the Chairman of the Accounting Department at SHSU. I could reinvent myself, too.


I started researching the professions with the greatest projected growth over the next decade. Most were in the health industries, like Medical Coding, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and the like. Many jobs in the tech industry were also on the rise, of course, but they were so very technical, I just knew I would need another 4-year degree, so I wrote those off. I had already spent 75% of my life in a classroom, on one side of the podium or the other, so I didn’t particularly want to go back to college, not to mention the ridiculous cost of tuition and especially the books. After all, I already had two college degrees that are fairly worthless when it comes to obtaining gainful employment, what if I spent the next 4-5 years in college and add tens of thousands more to my already considerable student loans only to have another unusable degree?


No. That wasn’t an option, for my own sanity if nothing else.


The community college where I taught English as an adjunct had a “certificate” program for Medical Coding. That could work. Although it would be extremely boring and not in the least bit creative, I figured I could work mostly alone and maybe even remotely.


That lasted about ½ a semester before I was sick to death of it. I couldn’t do it.


No way, no how.


Many friends warned me before I went in, but I didn’t know what other options I had. One friend suggested that if I was going to learn to code, I should learn how to write code for computers, but I dismissed that. I was far from smart enough to be a programmer. After all, didn’t one need a degree in Computer Science to do that?

Turns out….

Last summer, I met a woman slightly older than me who went to a “Learn to Code in a Day” bootcamp, and loved it. She was reinventing herself as a programmer.

If she could do it, so could I! I started delving into coding via free online classrooms like Khan Academy, Udacity, Codecademy, Udemy, and especially Treehouse, based right here in Portland, OR. Especially with the support of places like Code Oregon and the inspiration from an entire White House Campaign: TechHire, I could do this.

...and I LOVED IT!

The Wonder of Computers

Although it is learning to think in a different way and comparable to learning a foreign language, I will be able to work mostly alone and still be creative. However, it will take many, many months, if not years, to get a handle on all these languages in demand:

Javascript. Java. Python. Ruby on Rails. C#. Swift. PHP. Objective C….and more.

Where to start?

As I said in my first article, I realized just how much technical experience I already had, so I felt more comfortable moving forward on this techy path. It was upon seeing the job listing for Apple Technical Support Technician here at PowerMax that I decided to put all my eggs in the Apple basket.

I had become a dedicated Mac user eight years ago, and although I can still use and work on PCs, my preference is Apple and their amazing products. On that same day, I decided to focus solely on Swift, Apple’s new programming language released in 2014. It’s so new, there are relatively few programmers who can write in Swift, creating a rather large demand for it.

I’ve already created a few simple apps, and I’ll be creating more in the coming months. In the mean time, I get to do what I love: help people tinker with their Macs, write tutorials (like Podcasting and Making your First iPhone App), and tell all of you what it’s like to work at PowerMax. I also get to learn cool things to teach you. I get to become intimately acquainted with all of Apple’s marvelous products. I get to enjoy my work and life.

I couldn’t be happier in my position at PowerMax. I’m surrounded by fun, friendly people in possibly the greatest community in the USA. The Portland area has perfect, cool and rainy weather, loads of waterfalls and trails to explore, and beautiful rolling green hills and trees just a few miles away from the center of town. For the first time in my life, I finally found my home.

So, yes. It’s decided. I’m putting all my eggs in the Apple basket. It’s the best place to be.

Join me on Wednesdays and Fridays to learn how to get the most out of your Mac, too. See you then!


ChristineChristine is a Technical Support Specialist and Content Writer for PowerMax. Follow her articles as she takes you “Behind the Sasquatch: A Look Inside PowerMax,” an inside look at the day-to-day operations from the perspective of a Woman in Tech. She’ll also post great Tech Tips, helping you get the most of your Mac apps as well as write about some common technical issues and how to fix them. Finally, Christine will periodically post some Tutorials that teach readers how to do things like make podcasts and iPhone apps. Find what you’re looking for in the categories on the right. 

If you have a tech question or issue, please don’t hesitate to contact Christine for help.

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