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Articles: Personal Shopping for Electronics

The internet shopping experience can be daunting. Think about it: virtually everything you can buy is sitting somewhere for sale on the internet. It’s like walking into a mall that stretches for hundreds of miles. Even if you just look at the Apple world, we have dozens of different iPad models, not to mention all the iPods (nano, shuffle, touch and classic), and then the hundreds of Mac configurations on top of that. And that’s only where a technology purchase starts.

The internet is great if you’re pretty sure you know what you want, but what do you do if you’re not completely certain?

At PowerMax, we address that by emphasizing our person-to-person interactions. We have folks on the phone who are there to actually spend time talking to you. Some companies continue to employee phone salespeople, but then ask them to mimic the internet sales experience by insisting that customer conversations be short and to the point (“What’s the part number you’d like to order?”). Or how about the ones who still use scripts or canned responses? That’s really annoying.

PowerMax folks will take the time to happily chat with you, answering your questions and learning what kinds of things will make your purchase work best for you. A PowerMax personal shopper will spend time helping you find the right product.

A personal shopper can save you time when you have more important things to do than shop the internet, and can actually save you money in the long run simply by helping you make the right choice.

Our personal shoppers are totally free to use and require no obligation to buy. They will truly give you only the best recommendation for your needs. We strive to be recognized for quality customer service. That’s the PowerMax Way!

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