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Articles: LaCie Announces 1 Year Free Online Storage With Every Drive Sold

Your Data is About as Secure as a Candle in the Wind

Those of us who work in the industry have a pretty good handle on the uncertainty of computer data. If you ever get a chance to look at a hard drive in operation, this understanding will become fully entrenched. You’ll see a round disk spinning around at thousands of RPMS, and this tiny little metal thing twitching back and forth over it like a worm having a seizure, grabbing the ones and zeroes and turning them into pictures, music and letters on your screen, using some mysterious alchemy that might have befuddled Einstein.

LaCie Offers 1 Year Online Backup Service
Only then will you understand why we consider hard drives to be something like a candle, with the data (your pictures, music and words) being the flame. As soon as someone opens a door during a windy day, the candle could easily blow out. That’s your data going bye-bye. And the open door is a metaphor for a crash. It’s gonna happen. It’s just a matter of how long that candle can stay lit. There just isn’t any hard drive made today that can turn that room into a sealed environment (the lack of oxygen would eventually kill the flame anyway, to pound that metaphor into complete submission).

After our last warning about backing up data, one of our alert readers wrote in and reminded us that even backing up may not be enough. She had everything dutifully backed up, not anticipating that while on vacation, thieves would come in and steal everything. She lost a good two years of files, including 15,000 photographs. Ouch.

We’re really not used to thinking about things like this, because typically thieves don’t break in to a house and steal people’s photo albums. But since many of us are now using our Mac computers to house our photo albums, some of the most cherished things we own are at far more risk than ever before.

So riding to the rescue is LaCie, a well-established PowerMax partner and manufacturer of a highly respected line of hard drives. They have come up with a solution that should allow people to rest easier.

Beginning in November, 2008, all LaCie consumer hard disk drives sold will come with a 1-year unlimited online backup account, available after product registration.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="The Beautiful LaCie 500GB Hard Drive"]The Beautiful LaCie 500GB Hard Drive[/caption]

We at PowerMax are extremely excited about this new announcement, and proud to be associated with such a high-quality (and forward thinking) brand. Check out our Lacie product listings, and if you have any questions about the new 1-year backup service feel free to give our experts a call at 1-888-769-7629.
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