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Articles: It's good to be thankful

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, the idea of being thankful should never leave us. It's good to be grateful for all those things we take for granted. For instance, since you're reading this, you obviously have electricity, which is something to be grateful for. Not everyone in the world can say that. And not only do you have electricity, but you have a pretty nifty device in front of you on which to read this, whether it be a computer or iPhone or iPad. That's something even more people in the world cannot say.

To take it further, you also wouldn't be able to read this if you weren't also connected to the internet... something yet even more people in the world cannot say.

What's amazing to me is how this technology has become so pervasive and accepted that any interruption in service is akin to what happens when our electricity is interrupted for any reason. Today, it's not just whether the lights go out, if our connection to the internet goes down... gaaaa! We're dead in the water!

It wasn't so long ago that most of us had never even heard of the internet. When it sprung up, it had its own protocols and culture if you will. You were supposed to be a good citizen of the web, and many proper behaviors were "suggested." Now it's no-holds-barred, whatever it takes to get people to view your site, and all of those initial "rules" are a quaint thing of the past. Commerce has taken over, and commerce doesn't care about anything except whatever it takes to do business.

In any case, we're grateful for the internet. The social changes it has engineered cannot be overstated. It is taking out huge swaths of industries, from bookstore chains to travel agencies to newspapers to advertising vehicles of all kinds. It is even toppling dictatorships and forcing social changes around the world, the likes we may have never seen before. Prior to the internet, information was limited to the elite or well-educated. Today, anyone with electricity, a computer or the like and an internet connection has virtually the entire scope of human knowledge at his or her fingertips.

In our case, it's also allowing us to interact with so many more folks out there than ever before. Thanks in large part to Apple, we are setting sales records continuously, and that means we get to talk to more and more of you. PowerMax is committed to remaining a "person-friendly" company, refraining from automating every last piece of our business just so you never have to talk to a human being. We think it's important that we interact with each other and not just machines.

Lastly, in the spirit of being thankful, we simply want to thank all of our terrific customers out there for your business. You wouldn't be reading this at all if we didn't have enough of you willing to do business with us. We appreciate it very much, and are humbled by the many comments we receive via email or many of the rating sites out there. So... thank you very much indeed, and have yourselves a wonderful holiday season, in whatever fashion you celebrate it.
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