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Articles: How to Edit in GarageBand

Editing in GarageBandWelcome to the second screencast tutorial on How to Make Your First Podcast in GarageBand. If you missed the previous articles and first screencast, you can find them by choosing the appropriate category in the right toolbar. 

Editing your podcast can be really simple. Some people record their podcasts onto a SSD drive and then import the audio into GarageBand to edit. I find it much easier to record directly into GarageBand, so if I mess up, I can pause the recording, pull the PlayHead back a few measures, and start recording when I left off. It doesn't eliminate editing at the end, but it certainly reduces. If podcasting is just one of a multi-faceted marketing plan, then it's best to manage your time very wisely. 

Hope you enjoy the video!



ChristineChristine is a Technical Support Specialist and Content Writer for PowerMax. Follow her articles as she takes you “Behind the Sasquatch: A Look Inside PowerMax,” an inside look at the day-to-day operations from the perspective of a Woman in Tech. She’ll also post great Tech Tips, helping you get the most of your Mac apps as well as write about some common technical issues and how to fix them. Finally, Christine will periodically post some Tutorials that teach readers how to do things like make podcasts and iPhone apps. Find what you’re looking for in the categories on the right. 

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