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Articles: Hey everyone.... RELAX!

I sure wouldn’t want Apple CEO Tim Cook’s job. Imagine what it would be like sitting at your desk with a metaphorical bank of cameras wanting to take pictures of your every move, and 1,000 internet reporters trying to figure out how to get their hands on every one of your emails, and a bunch of spies rummaging through your garbage or trying to interview Chinese factory workers or trolling patent filings, simply in the hopes of being the first one to float a rumor that your company is working on the next doohicky.

All of that craziness is encouraged because it helps get rumors printed, which fuels Wall Street, which fuels the investors, which fuels the internet pundits, which fuels more rumors, which fuels Wall Street... and there we go ‘round and ‘round in a vicious cycle. All that would be harmless if it wasn’t such a powerful vortex that has proven capable of pulling all of us into its rushed obsessions.

I really think the combination of instant information and Wall Street is driving the populace completely mad. I mean, really. I think we’ve gone totally bonkers. All our priorities are askew. And most of us don’t even realize it because we’re oblivious to the origins and reasons for all the articles and rumors and collective pot clanging about the latest developments. But we’re subjected to all of it daily even if we’re just trying to gather today’s news from the internet.

Apple is a company that rose from marginalization to become the absolute leader in several key technologies; some of which were previously hardly a blip on the radar screen. It’s a company that’s currently the most profitable technology company in the world. It sold almost 50 million iPhones last quarter. It has sold over 100 million iPads since it’s introduction. That’s a lot of frickin’ iPads. Just think, if Apple chose one person to give just a dollar to for every iPad they sold, that person would now be a millionaire 100 times over.

The company has over $130 billion in cash, which is more than the sales of a lot of very well known companies. Heck, it’s more than the GDP of many countries! Apple could buy an entire country and then just build up their cash again with the next year’s worth of profits.

But to Wall Street, the pundits, the article writers and the people running around with their hair constantly on fire... it’s all... “WHAT’S NEXT????” “APPLE’S BECOMING SO YESTERDAY!” “THE COMPETITION IS COMING OUT WITH MUCH BETTER PHONES-- APPLE’S DOOMED!”

All of this also fuels “Quarter-it-is.” Because of Wall Street, financial reporting is provided every quarter, which results in an everything-has-to-be-finished-in-this-three-month-period mindset. We all know that more mistakes happen when people are rushed or pressured than if they’re given a little rope, a little privacy, and maybe a little leeway to let things percolate over time.

I mean, gimme a break. How tormented can your world really be if you’re using an iPhone 4? In what order of priority do you place a new OS in your life if you’re going to stop and compare it to everything else? Things like family, job, money, pets, spirituality, hobbies, trips you want to take, experiences you want to have, friends, a good book, chores you should do.... and on and on.

New technologies are cool. I’m glad we have ‘em. It’s fun to run a company that sells ‘em. I just think our society needs to take a collective deep breath and agree to slow down, and let these companies do their thing without everything being commented on and broadcast like it was all about the coming of the Apocalypse.

If we all relaxed and let things happen without so much urgency, we’d all take more time to enjoy what we have, instead of always wishing for more. And that would be a very good thing indeed.

So relax, smile at someone, and smell the roses. Enjoy your life... and don’t let Wall Street tell you how to do that.

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