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Articles: Delivery on the new MacBook – The Straight Scoop from PowerMax

PowerMax really shines when things get a little confusing out there because we’re dedicated to giving our customers the complete story. We can do that because we’re not automatons, cyborgs or automated message machines. We’re real people who love our Macs just like you! We also like to dedicate one Mac Expert to you so you always have someone who knows and understands your specific needs and personality.

The new MacBooks from Apple have launched, but for reasons unknown, are highly constrained. Accordingly, Apple has placed a process in place to ensure the most fair delivery process possible, and that's first-come first-serve by customer no matter where you order it. Accordingly, the best thing to do is place your order with PowerMax and then wait. There's simply no way around that right now; you won't find stock in any stores anywhere (beyond their initial one to show- one to go), and of course at PowerMax we can save you sales tax, shipping charges, and provide our world-famous customer service all along.

This delivery mechanism is similar to what Apple just instituted for the Apple Watch. Our guess is they just didn't want the additional confusion of lines for one thing and not another, and with the MacBook very constrained out of the gate, they've decided that inventory is just not going to exist for a while.

The other good news is, unlike most other sellers, at PowerMax you always have a real person to talk to, even if for no other reason than to give you comfort when you're just dying to know what's going on.

Frankly, we just don’t think there’s any better place from which to order a new MacBook than PowerMax. We’ll hold your hand as much as you want or need while always providing a friendly voice if you just need some reassurance once you’ve placed your order.

Let us know how we can help!

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